Louis. Save yourself the pain.

Sorry I haven’t written for a while, blessed readers. Just when I was getting all limber, the laziness came and plucked me sucker by sucker off the substrate of this blog. Not entirely true: I’ve also been ripping out a 3000 word essay and it’s H.A.R.D. I am on the last 10% and it feels like bleeding out everything I have through a paper cut. It goes really slowly. I’ll post it soon.

I also took a little holiday to Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain.

Here’s something to talk about. Subeditor nails it: is this just Jackass fooling or a cultural statement on our treatment of food animals? Neither in the main, the guy says: he had a party trick line in eating spiders etcetera and decided to see if he could reach 1 million hits. Cole says he doesn’t want to cause suffering, thus aims for a quick kill, and that while animal ethics are important, we shouldn’t be worrying about it when we haven’t got all humans to a happy place. (A previous community worker, he now makes a reasonable living from his youtube channel) Obviously keen to avoid being labelled attention seeking, he presses for the possibility of his ‘voice” being heard but seems to be confused on what he’s actually saying.

I feel the guy would accept any retrofitted rationalism to his stunt behaviour. Are you making a statement on factory farming? Why yes of course I am. Does your problem with hypocrisy extend to the fact that animals eat each others alive? Hell yeah, that’s great.

I don’t believe in rampant fundamental loudspeaker in your face animal rights activism that doesn’t take a considered perspective. That old boring paradox again in that this guy reminds me of that: he’s yelling but he doesn’t know what he’s on about. More importantly and inexcusably, there’s no need to prove a point by killing anything. Delete.

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